Insulated glass units are produced by contemporary technology with high level of automation. "EM-PAK" LTD is the first Bulgarian company using polyurethane as a secondary seal.

The equipment consists of automatic cutting table and automatic line for glass units assembling and sealing. Argon filling, decoration etc. are done by customers request. Triple insulating and low-emissivity glass, high selective glass for low energy consuming buildings is big part of our production. Safety and security are granted by using both laminated and tempered glass incorporated in the IG units.


Stained glass has always been one of the most attractive and impressive arts. It can be used for interior screening, lighting fixture, illuminated ceilings,( furniture add-ons) elements.

Different kind of techniques are used in the manufacturing of stained glass depending on the function, architectural surrounding, client·s desire and artist·s conception,. We offer full range of services in the field – from place investigating with specific architectural features, projecting ideas and computer visualization of objects to production and installation.


FUSING is ornamental or decorative thematic composition on glass doors, windows, screens, murals, utensils. High quality fused glass requests a kiln with electronic temperature control for running the process with exceptional precision. The advantage of this technique is that no metal strings are used to

join the separate fragments of the color glass and, thus, there’s the possibility for more artful decisions. In the process of fusing the separate color pieces are fit together in an overall glass panel, the size of which depends on the kiln size. The fusing method processed glass can be bended too. Extreme beauty is due to colors intensity. Light goes through the fused glass and plays with colors, thus, it acts upon one’s mood. The influence is deeply impressive.


Mirror and glass for furniture is regular production. Interior glass

is more and more used in sports centers, swimming-pools, bars, restaurants, hotels, clubs, theatres for facing of walls, ceilings, columns, visor, screens, doors.